Picture For A Thousand Voices


My boyfriend Chris and I arrived in DC not knowing how many people to expect. No one knew how many to expect. On our way to the meeting point, we ran into a group of about 100 people and our hearts sank. This couldn't be it. Suddenly a roar erupted from a block away.

There in the park, people stretched on for as far as we could see in any direction, waiting for the march to start. There were people of every age, every race, every demographic, all standing together for one cause.

We jumped ahead to wait for the march to begin. Still from blocks away, the chants and screams echoed across the park and onto Pennsylvania Avenue. As the crowd streamed by the White House, it erupted into chants of "YES WE CAN!"
[ Continued... ]

"Equality has to become more than just a word."

Staceyann Chin

The National Equality March: October 11, 2009